Megan Avalon

Megan Avalon Stats:
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140 
Body Type: Fitness/Figure Competitor 
Favorite Submission Hold: Front Figure 4 and Reverse Headscissor 
Leg Press: 700 
Biceps: 13.5" 
Quads: 24" 
Calves: 16" 
Website: CLICK HERE 
Crush Rating:
Megan Avalon Bio:  
"Barbie With Muscle" is her nickname...but it should probably be "Barbie with CRUSHERS", as this girl can SQUEEZE, and SQUEEZE! She loves humiliating her opponents and making them suffer in pain. Any girl who claims that the brutal reverse headscissor is her "favorite move", we know is a devastatingly powerful crush girl!
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Megan Avalon vs. Duncan
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