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Featured Crush Wrestling Matches

Marie vs. Shivani

Katrina vs. Mia Leone

Marie vs. Billy

Marie and Shivani vs. Pele'

Margaret vs. Hazel

Jessi vs. JJ

Britney Squeeze vs. Mia Leone

Beast vs. Larry 2

Sydney Thunder vs. John

Beast vs. Larry 1

Sydney Thunder vs. Bill

Monica Mollica vs. Brian

Britney Squeeze vs. Chippy

Katrina vs. Tracy Kaye

Matrisse vs. Brian

Kimmie Kat vs. Miss Melody

Christine Rocks vs. Kendall Summers

Sydney Thunder vs. Jeb

Sammy vs. Angelina

Sydney Thunder and Misery vs. Jeb

Monica Mollica vs. Miss Melody

Katrina and Rita vs. Jeb

Pandora vs. Mr. Anderson

Sydney Thunder vs. Judge Mike

Sydney Thunder vs. Fiance

Maggie vs. Tabby

Lyneah Muscles vs. Mr. MacGillicudy

Shanequa vs. Katie - MMA Training

Shanequa vs. Katie - Competitive!

Shanequa Brulow vs. Billy

Sydney Thunder vs. Marie Lee

Megan Avalon vs. Duncan

Brandi Mae vs. John

Sydney Thunder vs. Leroy

Katrina vs. Billy

Tabby Rockland vs. Jenna West

Katrina vs. Shivani Stealerlove

Sydney Thunder vs. Drew

Blonde Thunder vs. Duncan

Monica Mollica vs. Matrisse

Monica Mollica vs. Kimmie Kat

Sydney Thunder vs. Ralph

Pandora vs. Bernard

Sydney Thunder vs. Dominick

Shanequa Brulow vs. Marie Lee

Sydney Thunder and Sheila vs. Leroy

Sheila vs. Bill

Oso Lucky vs. Duncan

Sydney Thunder vs. Luke Luck

Sydney Thunder vs. Sheila Crystal

Katie Johnson vs. Billy

Beast vs. Sydney Thunder

Lyneah Muscles vs. Anthony

Maggie vs. Jenna

Sydney Thunder vs. Ty

Sheila vs. Leroy Anderson

Sydney Thunder vs. Keisha Jones

Keisha Jones vs. Ty

Skylar Rene vs. Juror 3

Beast vs. Larry 3

Sydney Thunder vs. Germaine

Shanequa Brulow vs. Luke Luck

Sheila vs. Germaine

Cassie Cox vs. Patricia Wroge - 1

Penny the Punisher vs. Germaine

Sydney Thunder vs. Skylar Rene

Sydney Thunder & Skylar Rene v Ralph

Beast vs. Larry 4

Penny the Punisher vs. Bill

Cheyenne vs. Cassie - 1

Skylar Rene vs. Modeling Agent

Pink Poison vs. Jack Schmidt 1

Sydney Thunder vs. Jason

Kiana Isson vs. Don

Miss Untamed vs. Ralph

Blonde Thunder vs. Tyler

Gabriella Marciano vs. Mike Angelo

Penny the Punisher vs. Rob Xenia

Kiana Isson vs. Keisha Jones

Goddess Devastation vs. Ralph

Kaelee Krush vs. John

Blonde T. & Miss Untamed vs. Keisha

Pink Poison vs. Enrique

Sheila Crystal vs. Joey

Sydney Thunder vs. Sheila Crystal 2

Kaelee Krush vs. Peter

Sydney Thunder vs. Miss Untamed

Sydney Thunder vs. Marissa McThigh

Danielle Misery vs. Ralph Duncan

Marissa McThigh vs. Angel Assassin

Cassie Cox vs. Patricia Wroge - 2

Sydney Thunder vs. Angel the Assassin

Blonde Thunder vs. Don

Marissa McThigh, Angel, & Untamed

Angel the Assassin vs. Don

Syd vs. Marissa, Angel, Untamed

Penny the Punisher vs. Rob Xenia 2

Kiana and Keisha vs. Don

Sultry Steel vs. Ralph Duncan

Sydney Thunder vs. Ty 2

Marissa McThigh vs. Keisha Jones

Sydney Thunder vs. Pink Poison 1

Cheyenne vs. Cassie - 2

Sydney Thunder vs. Don

Sydney Thunder vs. Serena Scorn

Kaelee Krush vs. Jamarcus

Miss Untamed vs. Serena Scorn

Marissa McThigh vs. Pink Poison

Sydney Thunder vs. Pink Poison 2

Marissa McThigh vs. Serena Scorn

Sydney Thunder vs. Kaelee Krush

Pink Poison vs. Jack Scissor Challenge

Pink Poison vs. Serena Scorn

Kaelee Krush vs. Bill

Sydney Thunder vs. Blonde Thunder

Blonde Thunder vs. Baby Blues

Sydney Thunder vs. Marissa McThigh 2

Pink Poison vs. John

Ferocious Falon vs. Britney Squeeze

Ferocious Falon vs. Brenda Backbreaker

Miss Untamed vs. Don

Pink Poison vs. Vicky Vice

Ferocious Falon vs. Britney 2

Helga Hellraiser vs. Serena Scorn

Helga the Hellraiser vs. Baby Blues

Sydney Thunder vs. Vicky Vice

Ferocious Falon vs. Holly Hams

Molly Murano vs. Helga the Hellraiser

Britney Squeeze v Brenda Backbreaker

Serena Scorn vs. Baby Blues

Guns McLee vs. Holly Hams

Sydney & Pink Poison vs. John VonDick

Serena Scorn vs. Molly Murano

Brenda Backbreaker vs. Sheila Crystal

Guns McLee vs. Ferocious Falon

Britney Squeeze vs. Danish Destroyer

Guns McLee vs. The Danish Destroyer

Tag Team Match 1 - 2015 Muscle Girls!

Sydney Thunder vs. Jill Smith

Sydney Thunder vs. Tyler

Sydney Thunder vs. Pink Poison 3

Vicky Vice vs. Sheila Crystal

Sydney Thunder vs. Serena Scorn 2

Vicky Vice vs. Roxy Rebelheart

Sydney Thunder vs. Vicky Vice 2

Serena Scorn vs. Sapphire Simms

Roxy Rebelheart vs. John Von Dick

Sapphire Simms vs. Roxy Rebelheart

Vicky Vice vs. Brenda Backbreaker

Cadillac Capri vs. Guns McLee

Cadillac Capri vs. John Von Dick

Cadillac Capri vs. Sapphire Simms

Serena Scorn vs. Roxy Rebelheart

Guns McLee vs. John Von Dick

Vicky Vice vs. Sapphire Simms

Holly Hams vs. Britney Squeeze

Sydney Thunder vs. Guns McLee

Sapphire Simms vs. Guns McLee

Cadillac Capri vs. Britney Squeeze

Sapphire Simms vs Holly Hams

Lady Aslan vs. Britney Squeeze

Lexii Leggz vs. Jordan Flex

Lexii Leggz vs. Penelope Pineapple

Serena Scorn vs. Vicky Vice

Brooklyn Lee vs. Penelope Pineapple

Cadillac Capri vs. The Specimen

Lexii Leggz vs. Tyler

Cadillac Capri vs. Lexii Legz

Jordan Flex vs. Brooklyn Lee

Dinah Might vs. Sapphire Simms


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