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2/08/2016 - Big updates coming soon! Click here for more info!
We want to explain our current delay with getting the latest updates posted.... we had some unexpected medical issues pop up at CW headquarters that has caused us to miss some time and have some emergency surgery. No worries though...we should be back in a few days and ready to get back to regular updates. We appreciate your patience and understanding! We will make up for our long absence with some big video clip updates to the members section soon!

2/02/2016 - Outstanding new videos added of Pink Poison vs. Syd Thunder 3, and Serena Scorn vs. Roxy Rebelheart!
Today we added some incredible new clips on the pages of Serena Scorn vs. Roxy Rebelheart and Sydney Thunder vs. Pink Poison 3. Join CrushWrestling today for this outstanding action and much much more!

1/27/2016 - 4 killer clips added! Holly vs. Britney and Serena vs. Baby Blues!
See new clips today on the pages of Serena Scorn vs. Baby Blues and Holly vs. Britney. Join CrushWrestling today for the best in female muscle wrestling!

1/23/2016 - NEW MATCH now available! Awesome female muscle battle featuring Sydney Thunder vs. Guns McLee! Quads vs. Biceps - who ya got?
Another fabulous muscular women wrestling video from CW! This time we match up the most lethal legs in the world, the old crusty veteran, Sydney Thunder, vs. hot bodied newcomer biceps Goddess, Guns McLee, in the thrilling new match Sydney Thunder vs. Guns McLee! Get this amazing match today and watch 2 of the hottest female bodies in wrestling get after it on the mats!

1/19/2016 - 4 killer F/F clips added - Britney vs. the Danish Destroyer, and Sydney Thunder vs. Vicky Vice!
Today, you'll LOVE the new F/F clips we've added on the pages for the matches featuring Britney Squeeze vs. the Danish Destroyer and Sydney Thunder vs. Vicky Vice. Stay tuned for our next new video coming this Friday, January 22nd!

1/15/2016 - New videos of Sheila Crystal, Vicky Vice, Sydney Thunder, and Sapphire Simms!
Today there are new clips added on the pages of Sydney Thunder vs. Sheila Crystal 2 (perhaps our MOST BRUTAL 1-sided domination video EVER FILMED!) and Vicky Vice vs. Sapphire Simms! You're going to love these ultra hot clips, so JOIN CRUSHWRESTLING today, if you're not a member already!

1/11/2016 - 4 phenomenal new videos added to the members section - See Vicky, Roxy, and Syd use their CRUSH POWER!
Check out the new clips added on the pages of Sydney Thunder vs. Tyler and Vicky Vice vs. Roxy Rebelheart! AND get ready for another amazing new video coming next week!

1/06/2016 - It's Caddy Capri day! Check out 4 hot new clips of this bad-ass bitch!
Check out 2 new videos each on the pages of Sapphire Simms vs. Cadillac Capri and Cadillac Capri vs. John Von Dick in sexy wrestling action! Join CrushWrestling today!

1/02/2016 - OH MY GOD! We start off 2016 with perhaps our most COMPETITIVE and INTENSE MATCH ever!!!! Get Holly vs. Britney NOW!
You won't believe the new match! Now available, get the Holly Hams vs. Britney Squeeze today and witness one of the sexiest competitive matchups to ever hit the world of female muscle wrestling! Both Britney and Holly Hams are just weeks from a bodybuilding show and looking RIPPED! And Britney, despite outweighing Holly by about 60 lbs, is in for the fight of her life, as Holly is one of the most skilled mat technicians you'll see! Pound for pound, by far our strongest wrestler. So, this matchup is going to leave you in amazement! 2 of the sexiest, muscular hardbodies, in some of the sexiest and most intense battle scenes ever - explosive power and sex appeal - get this hot video NOW by adding it to your shopping cart from the match page!!!! And be sure to join our members section for access to the members section photos and upcoming video clips to this match, as well as ALL of our other matches! Happy New Year from CrushWrestling!

12/29/2015 - The match page for Holly Hams vs. Ferocious Falon is updated with 2 clips - JOIN the members section now for this incredible video!
The match page for Ferocious Falon vs. Holly Hams has been updated with the 2 final clips from that epic matchup. This is one of our most thrilling and exciting finishes ever! Check out the SCISSOR and Wrestling power on display here! And then stay tuned for another amazing new video coming on January 2nd! We promise to kick off 2016 with a bang, folks!

12/26/2015 - 4 devastating clips! See Sydney Thunder vs. Jill Smith, and Guns McLee vs. John Von Dick - JOIN our members section today!
Today, our latest clips are updated on the pages of Guns McLee vs. Johnny Von Dick and Sydney Thunder vs. Jill Smith. JOIN CrushWrestling with a monthly membership now for clips of ALL of our incredible videos!

12/22/2015 - Awesome and powerful videos of Cadillac Capri, Guns McLee, Sydney Thunder & Vicky Vice added to the members section - JOIN NOW!
JOIN the CrushWrestling members section for 4 amazing new videos on the pages of Guns McLee vs. Cadillac Capri and Sydney Thunder vs. Vicky Vice 2. Get these SCORCHING HOT muscle wrestling videos by joining CrushWrestling today!

12/18/2015 - Astonishingly sexy, LONG clips! Check out Tag Team Match 2015, plus Holly Hams vs. Guns McLee!
Wanna see some pretty EPIC clips? Check out the latest members section update on the pages of Guns McLee vs. Holly Hams and Tag Team Muscle Girls 2015! Be sure to JOIN the CrushWrestling Members Section for the best in Muscular Female Wrestling!

12/13/2015 - CRUSHINGLY POWERFUL new clips added of Marissa McThigh v Syd Thunder, Vicky Vice v Sheila Crystal, & Guns McLee vs. Ferocious Falon!
5 huge clips added today - check out the new videos on the match pages of Vicky Vice vs. Sheila Crystal, Marissa McThigh vs. Sydney Thunder 2, and Guns McLee vs. Ferocious Falon. Join our members section today for the very best in female wrestling!

12/10/2015 - PHENOMENAL NEW VIDEO now available! The ultimate RIPPED, contest shape muscle tussle! Sapphire Simms vs. Vicky Vice!
If you're a fan of ripped, muscular powerhouses, you're going to love our latest VOD download that is now available! Check out the new Vicky Vice vs. Sapphire Simms match page, see the sample photos and preview clip, and then order the new video! The ripped muscles on display here are CRAZY hot!!!

12/09/2015 - 4 explosive clips added! Check out Brenda vs. Sheila and Molly Murano vs. Helga!
You're going to love the new videos on the match pages for Brenda the Backbreaker vs. Sheila Crystal and Helga the Hellraiser vs. Molly Murano. Join CrushWrestling now for the BEST muscle girls wrestling!

12/04/2015 - 4 killer videos added to the CW Members Section ft. Sapphire Simms, Serena Scorn, Sydney Thunder, and Roxy Rebelheart!
Today, see 2 new videos each on the match pages of Sydney Thunder vs. Serena Scorn 2 and Sapphire Simms vs. Roxy Rebelheart. Be sure to join our members section today and get access to all of our incredible videos!

11/30/2015 - 5 new members section clips added - Vicky vs. Brenda, Britney Squeeze vs. Brenda, and Serena Scorn vs. Roxy Rebelheart!
Today, we've added videos on the match pages of Britney Squeeze vs. Brenda Backbreaker, Vicky Vice vs. Brenda Backbreaker, and Serena Scorn vs. Roxy Rebelheart. JOIN CrushWrestling now for all of these amazing clips and all of our amazing wrestlers!

11/25/2015 - Sorry for the delay - Our NEW VIDEO is finally available! Get the incredible Guns McLee vs. John Von Dick!
Awesome new mixed match now available! Guns McLee vs. Johnny Von Dick will be sure to satisfy the fans of the mixed wrestling genre! Scissors and chokes galore with those beautiful muscles! Get this HOT new video today!

11/19/2015 - New clips of Sydney vs. JVD, and Britney Squeeze vs. Ferocious Falon added! New feature MIXED video coming on Tuesday 11/24!
Today, check out the new members section clips on the match pages for Sydney Thunder vs. John Von Dick and Britney Squeeze vs. Ferocious Falon! Join CrushWrestling's members section today for the best value!










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