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10/09/2015 - OUR MEGA-HOT NEW WRESTLER Caddy Capri - now in MIXED WRESTLING ACTION! Get the new video NOW!
Our latest stunningly hot muscle wrestler, Cadillac Capri is now featured in our latest MIXED WRESTLING VIDEO! This girl is SO FREAKIN' STRONG and now you'll see how mean she is too! Poor Johnny Von Dick doesn't stand a change against this physique powerhouse. Check out the brand new video Cadillac Capri vs. Jonathan Von Dick now and enjoy another video of our latest sensation! You're no doubt going to love this breakout star of 2015, brought to you exclusively by!

10/08/2015 - Members section updated with UNREAL SEXY clips of Vicky Vice vs. Syd Thunder 2 - JOIN CrushWrestling today for all of our hot clips!
2 excellent clips added to the page for Sydney Thunder vs. Vicky Vice 2 - you're gonna love this HOT, SEXY action! And stay tuned for this weekend's release of a SCORCHING HOT mixed wrestling video featuring our latest superstar, Caddy Capri!

10/05/2015 - New members section videos added - The Ultimate Muscle Girl Tag Team Match!
Today we added 2 new exciting, thrilling, and SEXY videos on the page for the 2015 Muscle Girl Tag Team Match! Check it out and join CrushWrestling today! Another big update coming Thursday, and a brand new MIXED wrestling video coming Friday starring the sensational newcomer, Cadillac Capri! So, JOIN CrushWrestling today!

10/02/2015 - 5 new videos added to the members section today - JOIN CrushWrestling now!
Go see the UNBELIEVABLE HOT new clips on the pages of Ferocious Falon vs. Guns McLee, Sydney Thunder vs. Marissa McThigh 2, and Vicky Vice vs. Brenda the Backbreaker. JOIN CrushWrestling today! And thanks again for the unbelievably positive feedback we've been receiving on new CW EXCLUSIVE SUPERSTAR, Cadillac Capri, and her new video, Cadillac Capri vs. Guns McLee - Stay tuned for much more of this phenom!

9/28/2015 - New members section clips of Sydney, Sheila, Brenda Backbreaker, & Serena Scorn! And thanks for the tremendous feedback of NEW WRESTLER Cadillac Capri!
We are very glad on all the excellent feedback we are receiving from our latest video, Cadillac Capri vs. Guns McLee. Yes, new wrestler Caddy Capri is a FUCKING BEAST!!! HUGE muscles and unreal power! Now, for today's members section update, see new clips on the pages of Sydney Thunder vs. Serena Scorn 2 and Brenda Backbreaker vs. Sheila Crystal. Enjoy this incredible update of hot muscle girls wrestling! Exclusivey at!

9/26/2015 - YOU WON'T BELIEVE OUR NEWEST WRESTLER! New video Cadillac Capri vs. Guns McLee!
HOLY SHIT - You won't believe our newest wrestler, Cadillac Capri! This girl is SO FREAKIN' STRONG! She toys with powerful 16" armed Guns McLee for much of this muscle tussle! Her power is simply on another level. Only CrushWrestling brings you the absolute best in GORGEOUS MUSCLE WRESTLERS! That's a fact, jack! See Caddy Capri in her new video Cadillac Capri vs. Guns McLee - and see the first 3 photo galleries in the members section as well - so JOIN today!

9/22/2015 - New videos of Molly Murano vs. Helga the Hellraiser, and Britney Squeze vs. Brenda Backbreaker added - JOIN CrushWrestling now!
Today you'll find new clips on the pages of Molly Murano vs. Helga the Hellraiser and Britney Squeeze vs. Brenda Backbreaker. Check it out and JOIN today!

9/20/2015 - HOT MUSCLE WRESTLING ACTION! New clips of Sheila vs. Vicky Vice, and Roxy vs. Sapphire Simms!
Incredible new video clips added! See new videos on the pages of Sapphire Simms vs. Roxy Rebelheart, as well as Vicky Vice vs. Sheila Crystal. Enjoy this exciting update today by joining CrushWrestling's Members section!

9/16/2015 - HOT NEW vids added to the members section! Sydney and Roxy Rebelheart vs. John Von Dick!
Today, 2 sexy mixed wrestling match pages were updated with new clips. See the new vids on the pages of Sydney Thunder and Pink Poison vs. Jonathan Von Dick and Roxy Rebelheart vs. Jonathan Von Dick. Enjoy these 2 hot mixed matches by JOINING CrushWrestling today!

9/13/2015 - NEW MATCH! Super muscular Vicky Vice vs. Feisty Firecracker Brenda Backbreaker!
New video available! Check out Vicky Vice vs. Brenda Backbreaker!!! Get this HOT sexy intense video today!

9/10/2015 - FREAKING HOT new clips in the CrushWrestling members section! - Serena, Sapphire Simms, Syd Thunder, and Pink Poison!
Check out the hot new clips in our members section! Join today to see the new ones on the pages of Serena Scorn vs. Sapphire Simms and then Sydney Thunder vs. Pink Poison 3. JOIN CrushWrestling now and do not miss a single moment of hot muscle women wrestling!

9/07/2015 - New clips of powerful Serena Scorn, Molly Murano, Britney Squeeze and Ferocious Falon! Join CrushWrestling now for access to all of our hot videos!
See new clips today on the incredible match pages for Britney Squeeze vs. Ferocious Falon 2 and Serena Scorn vs. Molly Murano. Be sure to JOIN CRUSHWRESTLING for all of our awesome videos for one low price per month!

9/03/2015 - SHOCKINGLY HOT new clips added! See Marissa McThigh DESTROY Keisha, & Serena Scorn vs. Baby Blues
The match pages for the competitive F/F matchup Serena Scorn vs. Baby Blues, as well as the unbelievable one-sided domination match of Marissa McThigh vs. Keisha Jones, have been updated with new clips. Deadly female muscle power!

8/31/2015 - Spectacular clips of powerful Guns McLee, Danish Destroyer, and Sydney Thunder added in both F/F and MIXED wrestling action!
You're going to love the new clips of exciting and thrilling action on the pages of Sydney Thunder vs. Tyler and Guns McLee vs. Danish Destroyer. JOIN CrushWrestling now and don't miss a thing!

8/28/2015 - NEW MATCH! Sexy muscle women Sapphire Simms and Roxy Rebelheart do battle - superior strength and pain tolerance!
In our latest match, Roxy Rebelheart vs. Sapphire Simms, you'll be amazed at the sexy muscle power on display, and the ability of these two girls to take pain, unwilling to admit defeat! These girls do NOT like each other, it's clear, and that always makes for an entertaining match up! Enjoy this incredibly thrilling F/F battle - once again, CrushWrestling brining you the finest in female muscle battles!

8/26/2015 - 4 ridiculously sizzlin' F/F clips added! - Vicky Vice vs. Syd Thunder, and Pink Poison vs. Vicky Vice - JOIN CW NOW!
Amazing new videos added to the pages of Pink Poison vs. Vicky Vice and Sydney Thunder vs. Vicky Vice. Get access to ALL of our amazing videos by JOINING CrushWrestling today!

8/23/2015 - Hot and SEXY - new F/F videos featuring Ferocious Falon, Britney Squeeze, Holly Hams, and Danish Destroyer!
New clips today include the incredible matches of Britney Squeeze vs. Danish Destroyer and Ferocious Falon vs. Holly Hams in unbelievably hot F/F MUSCLE WRESTLING action! Join CrushWrestling's members section today for ongoing access to all of our videos! And stay tuned for another new SUPER F/F matchup coming on Friday!

8/19/2015 - 4 amazing new members section videos added! - Sydney vs. Vicky Vice 2, and Roxy Rebelheart vs. Vicky Vice!
Join today for the killer new clips added on the pages of Roxy Rebelheart vs. Vicky Vice and Sydney Thunder vs. Vicky Vice 2. You will not believe the unbelievable hot muscles on these girls - JOIN NOW!

8/15/2015 - SEXY new mixed wrestling video added! Musclefox Roxy Rebelheart is back to destroy Johnny Von Dick!
Fans of mixed wrestling domination are going to absolutely love how newcomer Roxy Rebelheart destroys JVD! She's an aggressive, feisty, bitchy, no-nonsense woman, who has no problem using her sexy muscles to destroy men. Watch her brutal crushing and chokes on John in our latest release, Roxy Rebelheart vs. Jonathon Von Dick - get it today here at!

8/10/2015 - 4 stunning hot new videos added to the CW members section - Miss Untamed vs. Don, and Holly Hams vs. Guns McLee
You'll love the new clips added featuring Hamstring Queen Holly vs. Massive biceps girl, Guns McLee.... now on the match page for Guns McLee vs. Holly Hams. Then, check out 2 new mixed clips on the super dominant page of Miss Untamed vs. Don. 2 very different videos - but both with very sexy action! Check it out today and JOIN CW!










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