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7/31/2015 - NEW WRESTLER and NEW VIDEO now available!!! Newcomer Sapphire Simms vs. Serena Scorn!
HUGE NEWS! Another HOT new CW muscle wrestler, and another scorching hot Female Muscle Battle, now available! See newcomer, Sapphire Simms, tremendously beautiful muscle girl, in the new video, Serena Scorn vs. Sapphire Simms - this one is visually thrilling - 2 of the hottest female bodies to ever grace our mats! Enjoy this one today, folks! Remember, you can now buy the VOD full-length videos directly from our match pages here on the CrushWrestling members site - so just click the "Add to Cart" button and grab this thriller today!

7/29/2015 - 3 KILLER new clips added featuring Marissa McThigh, Syd Thunder, Guns McLee, & Ferocious Falon - plus, NEW VIDEO and NEW WRESTLER coming Friday!
Today, we have new videos on the pages of Ferocious Falon vs. Guns McLee and Sydney Thunder vs. Marissa McThigh 2. These are amazingly sexy clips! Then, get ready folks.... another SCORCHING HOT new wrestler on the way for Friday, taking on one of our biggest and sexiest muscle girls, Serena Scorn! Wait til you see the beautiful muscles on Sapphire Sims! Coming Friday to - JOIN NOW!

7/26/2015 - New videos added today on the pages of Brenda vs. Sheila and the ultimate Tag Team Team Match - 2015!
New clips added today on the pages of Sheila Crystal vs. Brenda Backbreaker and Tag Team Match 2015, featuring Sydney Thunder, Britney Squeeze, Guns McLee, and the Danish Destroyer.

7/22/2015 - Tremendous new videos of Serena, Helga, Blonde Thunder and Syd Thunder - JOIN CrushWrestling today!
Today CrushWrestling added the final clips on the match pages for Sydney Thunder vs. Blonde Thunder and Helga the Hellraiser vs. Serena Scorn. JOIN NOW!

7/19/2015 - 4 HOT new videos added to CrushWrestling - Sydney vs. Serena & Molly vs. Helga!
In today's update, check out the new clips on the pages of Sydney Thunder vs. Serena Scorn 2 and Molly Murano vs. Helga the Hellraiser. JOIN TODAY!

7/15/2015 - FINALLY! Our newest match is now available! A stunning muscle beauty re-match of Vicky Vice vs. Sydney Thunder - both with 20 lbs more muscle!
Thanks for your patience as we transitioned to our new shopping cart system for our VOD videos. Things should now be running just fine. Just in time for the launch of our latest ULTRA SEXY video of thonged muscle beauties doing battle on the mats! The new one is a stunning muscle battle re-match of Sydney Thunder vs. Vicky Vice 2 - both with about 15-20 lbs more muscle than the last time they faced each other! You know what that means.... even MORE LETHAL leg power! Get this amazingly hot video today of these 2 gorgeous glute goddesses by clicking the "add to cart button" now, and also see the first 2 galleries in the members section (and all the future members section clips) by joining CrushWrestling today!

7/14/2015 - Our NEW VOD ordering system is now available from RIGHT HERE on the site! Plus new members section vids of Sydney & Britney!
Check it out, folks. From now on, you will not have to go to a separate VOD site to order our full length videos. Going forward, you can order each match in its entirety on each individual match page! Try it out today by ordering our newest video, Roxy Rebelheart vs. Vicky Vice! Also, remember, you can join the CW members section and get access to ALL of our videos for only $17.99/month! Speaking of the members section - see the 4 new videos added today on the pages of Britney Squeeze vs. Brenda Backbreaker, and Sydney Thunder vs. John Von Dick. Plus, a brand new VOD video coming in a couple days - it will be amazing like always!

7/10/2015 - Making big changes to the website and VOD ordering - click here for more news and info!
Pardon the lack of updates this week. We are in the middle of transitioning to a new shopping cart system for our Video on Demand (full length) products. For now, you can still find all of our products at our old CrushWrestling VOD store, and the most recent video, Roxy vs. Vicky, over at our CW Clips Studio at the We will soon have the ability to purchase directly from here in the members site. Just stay tuned as we work on final integration of the new system. We appreciate your patience as we work out the bugs. Also, remember, you can still join the CW members section and get access to ALL of our videos for only $17.99/month!

7/05/2015 - POWERFUL new videos - Serena vs. Molly and Ferocious Falon vs. Britney 2 - JOIN NOW!
Check out the amazing new clips on the pages of Ferocious Falon vs. Britney 2 and the SUPER SEXY Serena Scorn vs. Molly Murano. Enjoy these amazing new videos and get ready for a new release coming in just a couple days!

7/02/2015 - New videos of Sheila Crystal, Syd Thunder, Ferocious Falon and Brenda the Backbreaker!
You'll love the new clips today added to the pages of Sydney Thunder vs. Sheila Crystal 2, and the awesome Ferocious Falon vs. Brenda the Backbreaker! Enjoy these hot new videos now!

6/30/2015 - The powerful legs of Serena Scorn, Syd Thunder and Baby Blues in action - 4 new videos added!
See new videos on the pages of Sydney Thunder vs. Jason and Serena Scorn vs. Baby Blues. Get these amazing sexy new videos by joining our members section today!

6/27/2015 - ENORMOUS update to the members section - 8 AWESOME video added featuring Syd Thunder, Vicky Vice, Sheila Crystal, Pink Poison and more!
Today, we have a BIG update of 8 new members section videos. First up, the first 2 videos from the super sexy recently added match, Vicky Vice vs. Sheila Crystal. Then, 2 more of the awesome muscle girl battle of Sydney Thunder vs. Pink Poison 3. Then, the final 2 videos of the super sexy 2-on-1 mixed domination video of Sydney's CrushCam - Sydney and Skylar vs. Ralph Duncan, and the F/F domination match where the superior muscular Sydney crushes Skylar Rene in Sydney vs. Skylar. Enjoy this HUGE update! Also, thank you very much for the feedback on the awesome new sassy newcomer, Roxy Rebelheart, in her new video against Vicky Vice. Remember, due to temporary webhost problems, this video can only be found on and purchased from our CrushWrestling FemaleMuscleStore clips studio. We are working on revamping our entire VOD purchase site and integrating it into our members site for easier access. Stay tuned for the improvements to come! - CW

6/24/2015 - Meet newcomer Roxy Rebelheart in the new video, Vicky Vice vs. Roxy Rebelheart!
Check out the new match page for the brand new video, Vicky Vice vs. Roxy Rebelheart! This sassy young newcomer, Roxy Rebelheart is quite a cocky muscle girl, and she has no problem going right after the bigger Vicky Vice in this thrilling matchup - get it now! Since our webhost is still having problems with us adding new products to our VOD store, this new video can temporarily be found at our CW Clips Studio at the (You can still purchase all of our other videos at the usual CrushWrestling VOD store, it's just the new one that can't be added there yet).

6/22/2015 - New video and new wrestler - almost ready!
Sorry for the delay. CCBill is having problems with getting our new video on the VOD store. Hopefully it's not much longer - hang in there! You guys are gonna love newcomer Roxy Rebelheart!

6/19/2015 - New members section videos of the Ferocious Falon vs. Britney Squeeze match - PLUS new video coming this weekend featuring newcomer Roxy Rebelheart!
On the match page for Ferocious Falon vs. Britney Squeeze, see the final 2 clips from this epic matchup of Britney the "Quaddess" vs. Falon and her epic glutes! Then stay tuned for a new match coming this weekend featuring newcomer Roxy Rebelheart!

6/16/2015 - 4 amazing new clips featuring Vicky Vice added vs. Syd Thundah and Pink Poison!
The clips of stunning Vicky Vice will blow you away! First, see 2 clips on the Sydney Thunder vs. Vicky Vice page, and then 2 more vs. the huge Pink Poison on the Pink Poison vs. Vicky Vice page. JOIN CRUSHWRESTLING today!

6/11/2015 - 4 new members section videos added - Guns McLee vs. Danish Destroyer, and Pink Poison vs. John Von Dick!
Amazing intense F/F wrestling action added today on the Guns McLee vs. Danish Destroyer page, and then super sexy mixed action featuring Pink Poison vs. John Von Dick. Enjoy these phenomenal clips by joining CrushWrestling today!!!

6/08/2015 - NEW MATCH PAGE ADDED - for the new Syd Thunder vs. Serena Scorn 2 match!
We've added the new Sydney Thunder vs. Serena Scorn 2 match page, which shows off the sample preview photos and video clip (coming in a few hours) for this amazing matchup of gorgeous female muscle! Join the members section today for access to this match and all our others!

6/07/2015 - NEW VIDEO NOW AVAILABLE - Serena Scorn vs. Syd Thunder 2 - a rematch of incredible DOMINATION!
Over at the CrushWrestling VOD'll find our latest VOD release, featuring 2 of the all time best CW Wrestlers - Sydney Thunder and Serena Scorn, in a THRILLING REMATCH. However, it's particularly thrilling if you like 1-sided domination! Sydney has added a lot more muscle and completely overwhelms the smaller, yet more conditioned, Serena Scorn! This is a visually thrilling matchup! Get the new Syd Thunder vs. Serena Scorn 2 match today!

6/03/2015 - Phenomenal vids of Holly Hams, Ferocious Falon, The Danish Destroyer, and Britney Squeeze!
Check out the awesome COMPETITIVE clips on the pages of Ferocious Falon vs. Holly Hams and Danish Destroyer vs. Britney Squeeze - JOIN NOW for these amazing videos!










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