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4/28/2016 - 4 members section videos added featuring Roxy Rebelheart, Sydney Thunder, & Serena Scorn!
Today, there are 2 new videos each on the pages of Sydney Thunder vs. Serena Scorn 2 and Roxy Rebelheart vs. John Von Dick. A perfect mix of hot and sexy F/F action, and one-sided mixed wrestling scissor domination! Join CrushWrestling now for the absolute finest in hot female muscle wrestlers!

4/25/2016 - 5 incredible new videos in the members section! Plus, Thanks for the feedback on the new video with HUGE Lexii!
We really appreciate hearing from CW fans... and the feedback over the weekend on the new Lexii Leggz vs. Jordan Flex video, featuring huge bodybuilder (205 lbs) vs. strong fitness champ (140 lbs Jordan Flex), has been nothing short of amazing. We are glad you are enjoying our vids! In today's members section update, check out 5 new videos on the pages of Sydney Thunder vs. Guns McLee (the battle of Biceps vs. Quads!), Sapphire Simms vs. Holly Hams, as well as the final clip added on the mixed domination video of Sydney & Pink Poison vs. John Von Dick, in brutal 2-on-1 CRUSH action! Thanks for showing your support and joining the CW members section! Lots more good stuff on the way, including new wrestlers Brooklyn Lee and Penelope Pineapple, on the way next week!

4/23/2016 - 2 MORE NEW WRESTLERS and NEW VIDEO - 205 lb AMAZON Lexii vs. Fitness Champion Jordan Flex!
Holy shit! 3 new wrestlers in just 1 week! After Lady Aslan's terrific debut last week, we wanted to keep the momentum and excitement up by adding 2 more new superstars in a match filmed just last week! The HUGE 5'9" 205 lb amazon, Lexii Leggz, vs. stunning and gorgeous fitness champion, Jordan Flex! We've got LOTS more scheduled with both of these amazing athletes, including some mixed wrestling action on the way. Now, this may seem like a mismatch... given Lexii's HUGE size and weight advantage. However, Jordan is no slouch at 5'5" and 140 lbs. Plus, as a fitness champion and having taken some jiu-jitsu training, she's bringing the heat with crazy flexibility, stamina, and strength of her own. This is a thrilling match watching these 2 sexy muscle girls go at it on the mats! Get the brand new Lexii Leggz vs. Jordan Flex today!

4/19/2016 - Sydney Thunder's Muscle Talk - Now Available at the CrushWrestling Clips4Sale Studio!
Since we transitioned to the new Video Store format back in July, a few of our titles have not been available. We've now added one of those to our CrushWrestling Clips4Sale Studio. This one is a doozy! The Muscle Talk and Intimidation video by Sydney Thunder - get it today!

4/18/2016 - 4 new MIND-BLOWING clips added! And thanks for the feedback on the new Lady Aslan vs. Britney Video!
First of all, thank you for the awesome feedback on the new video, Britney vs. Lady Aslan! Yep... you can't go wrong with two blonde muscle hotties! Now...for today's update, check out the 2 new clips on the Sapphire Simms vs. Serena Scorn page, and 2 new clips on the Brenda vs. Sheila Crystal page. Enjoy this phenomenal update of hot muscle wrestlers!

4/15/2016 - NEW WRESTLER and NEW VIDEO - check out Britney Squeeze vs. LADY ASLAN!
NEW VIDEO now available! New wrestler Lady Aslan takes on a much larger and stronger opponent in Big Britney Squeeze. Giving up over 30 lbs, does this gorgeous blonde athlete stand a chance? She was inspired by the amazing Holly Hams and her handling of her larger opponetns, so she decided to give it a try. Long, strong legs, gorgeous looks, and speed and determination... Aslan puts up the best fight she can against the huge, powerful Britney. Get the amazing new video Lady Aslan vs. Britney Squeeze today, exclusively at!

4/11/2016 - Awesome new videos in the members section starring Serena Scorn, Molly Murano, Vicky Vice, & Syd Thunder!
Today, check out new clips on the pages of Sydney Thunder vs. Vicky Vice and Serena Scorn vs. Molly Murano. Enjoy these hot new video clips, and stay tuned for our next brand new VOD starring new wrestler Lady Aslan, later this week!

4/07/2016 - BIG UPDATE - 6 videos added! Join CrushWrestling members site for access to all of our hot videos!
Today, in our members section, see new clips of Sydney Thunder vs. Pink Poison 3, Serena Scorn vs. Roxy Rebelheart, and the first 2 sexy clips of the impressive battle of muscle between Cadillac Capri vs. Britney Squeeze. Thanks for JOINING!!!

4/02/2016 - NEW CLIPS of Sydney Thunder in MIXED action, plus SUPER COMPETITIVE Holly Hams vs. Britney Squeeze!
Check out the new videos we just added in the members section on the pages of Sydney Thunder vs. Tyler Jones, as well as Britney Squeeze vs. Holly Hams. Thanks for JOINING the CRUSHWRESTLING MEMBERS SITE for the best possible value!

3/29/2016 - NEW VIDEO NOW AVAILABLE - stunning hot muscle battle between Sapphire Simms and Holly Hams!
You guys are going to freakin' LOVE the new video. The new match page for Sapphire Simms vs. Holly Hams has the preview clip, the 2 members section photo galleries, and will soon house all the members clips. Buy the full length download today and enjoy one of the sexiest matchups you'll ever see. Hot muscle women in tiny thongs sweating their asses off in battle. Sapphire's arms are nearly 16". Can feisty Holly overcome Sapphire's huge muscle advantage? Get this HOT video today, folks!

3/25/2016 - 4 new clips of Syd Thunder, Britney Squeeze, & Danish Destroyer! Plus, new VOD video coming on Monday!
Fans of 1-sided domination will love the new clips posted on the Sydney Thunder vs. Jill Smith page in today's members section update! Also, fans of competitive action will likely enjoy the final 2 clips added on the pages of the Britney Squeeze vs. Danish Destroyer match page! It's a great time to be a member at CrushWrestling! Also, stay tuned for a new VOD download video coming on Monday featuring more of your favorite CrushWrestling muscle wrestlers!

3/21/2016 - HUGE update! 6 new videos added - Vicky vs. Sapphire, Sapphire vs. Guns, & Vicky vs. Roxy!
Awesome female muscle matchups in today's HUGE 6 video update! See 2 new clips each on the pages of Vicky Vice vs. Sapphire Simms, Sapphire Simms vs. Guns McLee, and Vicky Vice vs. Roxy Rebelheart. Enjoy these amazing videos by Joining the CW members section today!

3/15/2016 - 4 super-duper members section videos added! Caddy Capri vs. Sapphire Simms & Guns McLee vs. Ferocious Falon!
Today, check out the stunningly hot muscle battle clips on the pages of Cadillac Capri vs. Sapphire Simms and Guns McLee vs. Ferocious Falon! Thanks for your support by joining the CrushWrestling members section!

3/12/2016 - Cadillac Capri is back! 2 of our hottest, most muscular wrestlers DO BATTLE - Get Caddy vs. Britney today!
Brand new video now available! Go to the Cadillac Capri vs. Britney Squeeze page and purchase our newest VOD video, featuring these amazing women of muscle doing intense battle on the mats. Just check out the preview clip - it will show you how incredible this matchup is! One of our longtime veterans and largest legged wrestlers, Britney, against the current reigning powerhouse, Cadillac Capri - get this AMAZING new video today!

3/11/2016 - Tremendous power on display! Mixed wrestling domination as Caddy Capri destroys Johnny Von Dick!
Incredible new clips of mixed wrestling domination on the page of Cadillac Capri vs. John Von Dick! And stay tuned for a new release featuring Caddy Capri here in the next 24-48 hours! She is unbelievable - The power is just out of control!

3/08/2016 - Tremendous new clips added - Vicky Vice vs. Syd Thunder 2, and Roxy Rebelheart vs. Sapphire Simms! - AWESOME MUSCLE!
Check out the all new clips added on the pages of Roxy Rebelheart vs. Sapphire Simms and Sydney Thunder vs. Vicky Vice 2! These are super sexy hot action clips of some of the best muscle women around! Stay tuned for another update on Thursday, then a BRAND NEW VIDEO on Friday!

3/03/2016 - New clips added - 2015 Muscle Girls Tag Team Match & Cadillac Capri vs. Guns McLee!
Today, you'll find 2 new video clips each on the match pages of the 2015 Muscle Girls Tag Team Match featuring Guns McLee & Syd Thunder vs. Britney Squeeze & the Danish Destroyer, and 2 on the page for Cadillac Capri vs. Guns McLee a match of EPIC DOMINATION! You're definitely going to love these new clips! And stay tuned for more updates coming on Monday, followed by a BRAND new VOD of Cadillac Capri, who has put on a TON of muscle since our last videos with her!

2/29/2016 - BIG UPDATE! 6 new clips added - Guns McLee, Vicky Vice, Sheila Crystal, & Syd Thunder!
Today we have added 2 new clips each on the pages of Sydney Thunder vs. Guns McLee, Vicky Vice vs. Sheila Crystal and Guns McLee vs. John Von Dick. Be sure to JOIN the CrushWrestling Members Section for access to all of these amazing videos!

2/24/2016 - Amazing clips added of Sheila vs. Brenda, and Syd Thunder vs. Serena Scorn 2!
Check out 2 new videos on the Sydney Thunder vs. Serena Scorn page and Brenda Backbreaker vs. Sheila Crystal! Get these amazing clips by JOINING our CrushWrestling members section today!

2/19/2016 - NEW VIDEO NOW AVAILABLE! - Sapphire Simms vs. Guns McLee!
One of the hottest muscle battles yet filmed! 2 girls, known for their RIDICULOUSLY HUGE and perfectly shaped biceps, get after it on the mats and have a brutal and intense battle! Just read the match description and you'll see what we mean. Get the UNREAL Sapphire Simms vs. Guns McLee muscle match up today!










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