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12/04/2016 - TONS of HOT new pics added! 3 match pages updated with multiple galleries added to the members section - JOIN NOW!
Make sure you have a CURRENT CrushWrestling membership so that you can check out all the hot new pics added to the members area! Today, 3 match pages updated with multiple galleries! First up, see new pics on the Sapphire Simms vs. Guns McLee Match Page. Then, 2 new galleries on the page for the EPIC 2015 Tag Team Muscle Girls, and 2 more on the page of Sheila Crystal vs. Vicky Vice. SUPER HOT PICS! Nobody has hotter muscle girls than CrushWrestling - JOIN NOW!

11/30/2016 - NEW WRESTLER & NEW VIDEO ADDED! - Get Lacey Longlegs vs. Dinah Might RIGHT NOW!
You guys are going to love the contrast in looks in this next video. A short and very muscular Dinah Might, vs. the long limbs of athletic and quick Lacey Longlegs. After the first few minutes, the action really heats up to epic proportions, and you'll see some intense scenes of huge female muscles doing battle. The power of these two is astonishing. Read the match description on the Dinah Might vs. Lacey Longlegs match page and GET THIS HOT ONE TODAY, FOLKS!

11/29/2016 - It's a BAD DAY for Guns McLee! See 4 new clips of Guns getting crushed out by Caddy Capri and Syd Thunder!
Today, check out 2 new clips each on the pages of Sydney Thunder vs. Guns McLee, and 2 on the page of Cadillac Capri vs. Guns McLee. Now, don't get us wrong... Guns is a powerful and skilled wrestler too! But... in these clips she ends up taking a beating at the legs of Sydney and Cadillac. Enjoy these hot members section clips, and then get ready for a BRAND NEW VIDEO and NEW WRESTLER, Lacey Longlegs, coming tomorrow, 11/30/2016!

11/24/2016 - Shanequa Brulow and More Added at the CrushWrestling c4s store!
Recently, we put up a couple more videos in our CrushWrestling C4S Store, for customers who have accounts there. Check out Shanequa Brulow vs. Luke Luck, as well as Sydney Thunder vs. Skylar Rene, and the 2-on-1 "Sydney's CrushCam" Video, with Sydney and Skylar against Ralph Duncan - brutal torture! Get these videos now over at our C4S Store at the link above!

11/23/2016 - 4 new videos added of Serena Scorn vs. Syd Thunder 2 & Victoria Vice vs. Sheila Crystal!
Sorry for the delay in updates. We had horrible internet service over the past week during our travels. Regular updates resuming now! First up, 4 new videos... 2 on the page of Sydney Thunder vs. Serena Scorn 2 and then 2 more on the page of Victoria Vice vs. Sheila Crystal. Enjoy these awesomely sexy vids - and stay tuned for another new wrestler and new video coming next week!

11/14/2016 - Fans of Serena Scorn, Sapphire Simms, Pink Poison, & Syd Thunder will LOVE today's update!
JOIN our members section now for fabulous new clips on the pages of Sapphire Simms vs. Serena Scorn and the super hot battle of Sydney Thunder vs. Pink Poison 3 - Enjoy these mega hot videos in our members section today!

11/11/2016 - Videos added to the members area featuring Lexii Legz, Penelope Pineapple, Jordan Flex, & Brooklyn Lee!
In our members section today, find new clips on the pages of Brooklyn Lee vs. Jordan Flex, and then the battle of the BIG OLE BITCHES, Lexii Leggz vs. Penelope Pineapple. Join the CW members section for access to ALL of our amazing videos!

11/06/2016 - 4 videos added today featuring 4 incredibly hot wrestlers!
Today we have added 2 videos on the page for Sapphire Simms vs. Roxy Rebelheart and 2 on the page for Holly Hams vs. Britney Squeeze. Be sure to JOIN CrushWrestling for the best in muscle women wrestling!

11/01/2016 - ENORMOUS UPDATE - Check out new vids of Vicky Vice, Serena Scorn, Cadillac Capri and Lexii Leggz!
Not only do we have a big 6 video clip update for today's update, but each clip is LONG and SEXY! See 2 new videos each, on the pages of Serena Scorn vs. Vicky Vice, Cadillac Capri vs. Lexii Leggz, and Lexii Leggz vs. Brooklyn Lee. Get access to all of these super hot videos by JOIN the CrushWrestling Members Area today!

10/28/2016 - NEW VIDEO ALERT! - Super rock hard muscle girls get after it - check out Britney vs. Sapphire Simms today!
You're not going to believe the SUPER HOT matchup we have today! Our latest video added, is the stunning muscle battle of Sapphire Simms vs. Britney Squeeze. Absolutely gorgeous hardbodies crushing the shit out of each other. Who can withstand the pain? Who controls and dominates this match? Get on board now and check out this phenomenal video today!

10/27/2016 - The CrushWrestling C4S store has been updated with 2 new vids - click here for more!
Over at the CrushWrestling C4S Store, you can now purchase the awesome videos of Skylar Rene vs. Juror #3, as well as the AMAZING "Sydney's Crush Cam", featuring a 2-on-1 crushout of Ralph Duncan, by Sydney Thunder and Skylar Rene - check it out!

10/25/2016 - Tremendous new clips added featuring Serena Scorn, Sapphire Simms, Victoria Vice, & Roxy Rebelheart - JOIN CW Today for the HOTTEST female wrestlers!
In today's update we've added new clips on the pages of Sapphire Simms vs. Vicky Vice and Serena Scorn vs. Roxy Rebelheart. JOIN CRUSHWRESTLING's MEMBERS SECTION for access to ALL of our amazing videos!

10/21/2016 - 4 CRAZY HOT videos added to the CW members section featuring Sapphire, Guns, Lexii, & Jordan!
Today we added 4 new incredible vid segments to our members area. 2 on the page of Guns McLee vs. Sapphire Simms and then 2 on the page of Jordan Flex vs. Lexii Legz -JOIN CrushWrestling today for the best in female wrestling!

10/17/2016 - New videos added of Vicky Vice, Brenda Backbreaker, & Caddy Capri! PLUS - OUR 2-for-1 Promotion is EXTENDED til Oct 22nd!
Today, we added 2 new videos on the page of Vicky Vice vs. Brenda Backbreaker, and 1 new video on the match page for Caddy Capri vs. John Von Dick. Then, we've also added yet another video on the CrushWrestling C4S Store, this time one of our old classics - Sydney Thunder vs. Drew - Brutal mixed wrestling domination with killer scissors! Also, we wanted to let you know that due to overwhelming positive response, we decided to extend our 2-for-1 promotion one more week! So, from now until Saturday, Oct 22nd, if you purchase 2 full-length VOD's from CrushWrestling, or a 3-6 month monthly membership, you can choose an addition video for FREE! Just email us with your order receipt/order ID number, and let us know which free video you'd like. Take advantage of this great promotion to grow your CW collection now!

10/15/2016 - The CrushWrestling C4S store has been updated with 2 new vids - click here for more!
Today, we put up a couple more videos in our CrushWrestling C4S Store, for customers who have accounts there. Now, you can find Cassie Cox vs. Pat Wroge 1, Blonde Thunder vs. Don, and the EPIC 2-on-1 DEMOLITION of Keisha, in Blonde Thunder and Miss Untamed vs. Keisha Jones! Check out our CrushWrestling C4S Store now!

10/13/2016 - HUGE update today! - Check out 6 new clips added to the members section - Guns McLee vs. Britney, The Specimen vs. Caddy Capri, and 205 lbs. Lexii vs. Tyler!
You guys are going to love all the new clips added today. 2 each on the pages of Guns McLee vs. Britney Squeeze, Cadillac Capri vs. The Specimen, and the 1 sided crush-a-thon of Lexii Leggz vs. her boyfriend Tyler. Be sure to JOIN the CW Members Section today for access to ALL of our hot videos!

10/08/2016 - HUGE SIZE MISMATCH - New video now available - 205 lb. Lexii vs. Brooklyn Lee!
Check it out, folks! Our newest video is now available. In the BIGGEST mismatch since Marissa vs. Keisha, we've got the ultra heavyweight at 205 lbs, Lexii Legz, vs. sexy dance and yoga instructor, Brooklyn Lee. Just read the description on the Lexii vs. Brooklyn match page and add this HOT video to your collection today! And remember - take advantage of our Buy 2 GET 1 FREE promotion from Oct 1-15th! Have a great CRUSH weekend!

10/05/2016 - 4 killer new clips added to the CW members section featuring Holly Hams, Sapphire Simms, & Guns McLee!
In today's update, you'll find new clips on the pages of Sapphire Simms vs. Holly Hams, and then the brutal 1-sided mixed domination match of Guns McLee vs. Jonathon Von Dickenson. Also, check out another video added on our CrushWrestling C4S Store.... get Cassie Cox vs. Pat Wroge 1, today!

10/01/2016 - OCTOBER SURPRISE! - Click here for information on great new promotion - Buy 2, Get 1 Free!
For a limited time (Oct 1 - 15), we are running a special promotion to get more videos to you featuring your favorite wrestlers. Buy any 2 feature length VOD videos, OR a 3 or 6 month subscription to our members section, and receive the FREE feature-length video of your choice, up to a $34.95 value! Since many of you often like to purchase several videos at a time, we feel like we will be redeeming lots of free videos for you this month - and that's fine with us! We have the hottest muscular women on the planet engaging in super powerful hot scissor action - so fill your shopping cart now and tell us what free one you want! Just email us with your sales receipt or Order ID number, and we will send you back a link to your free selection. Enjoy! And thank you for supporting!!!!

10/01/2016 - Our C4S store has been updated with the Blonde Thunder vs. Don Video
Our c4s store has finally been updated with the feature-length video of Blonde Thunder vs. Don. Check out all the other titles at the CrushWrestling C4S Store today!










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