Powerful Pandora

Powerful Pandora Stats:
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 120 
Body Type: Athletic 
Favorite Submission Hold: Reverse Headscissor 
Leg Press: 300 
Biceps: 12" 
Quads: 21" 
Calves: 13" 
Website: CLICK HERE 
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Powerful Pandora Bio:  
Pandora says: "Hey wrestling fans! I have been doing pro-style wrestling, boxing, and kick boxing for a few years now, but have more recently gotten in to grappling, competitive, and session wrestling. I have always been very athletic. (gymnastics, cross country running, swimming, snow and water skiing…) I am a competitive person and always appreciate a challenge. Most of my opponents underestimate my size, strength, and endurance, so victory is twice as sweet! So if you are up for the challenge, bring it on!!! I am pretty flexible with a variety of wrestling sessions. So email me, introduce yourself, and let me know what kind of session wrestling you are interested in. Talk to you soon! I also travel often. Check my calendar on my website or my MySpace page to find out when I will be in a town near you."
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